Pros and Cons of Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a number of different types of advertising on their platforms. These range from images and videos to slideshows and carousels. Different types of ads can display across Instagram, Facebook’s news feed, Audience Network and Messenger.

Which type of creative is best suited for an agency? It depends on how you want to approach advertising. Do you want your ad to be driven by imagery or information? Each ad format has specs for dimensions, file sizes and character limits. Below we looks at the pros and cons of each.



Facebook slideshow ads use motion, sound and text to create an immersive experience quickly. Unlike videos, they load quickly and play well on every connection speed. They are also cheaper and easier to produce. You simply create it with a collection of images and an attractive thumbnail.

Since you can spread text over 10 images, you can include more information without breaking the text overlay rule of having too much text in a still image. Slideshows play automatically on movies and play everywhere. They are great if you don’t have a property video. Just remember to keep them short and sharp.


Still Images

It’s tempting to want to dismiss images in favour of animations and videos. The latter are better at capturing attention in a news feed right? This isn’t always the case. If a single still image based ad is simple and intriguing, it can be the perfect taster to get people clicking through to your website.

The key is to not give too much information away and keep text in the copy of your content, not the image. Think about what would attract you and keep it simple. A con is that you are fairly limited in terms of how much information you can provide. Creativity is key to success in a still image ad!



A carousel ad lets you display up to 10 images or videos in one interactive ad. Users can scroll or click through the many cards in the carousel. These are great for showing product lines, telling a story or explaining a process.

However, they do require user action meaning people might scroll past your ad without seeing more than the first image/video. Carousels aren’t the best for real estate as they’re more tailored towards e-commerce.


Video Ads

Video ads offer a perfect avenue for longer and more complex messages. They are the easiest way to tell a story to your audience. However, a successful ad must be high quality and well developed.

Keep in mind that Facebook users have different content preferences depending on what device they are using. Mobile users are more likely to watch a video that is 15 seconds. Desktop users may be more inclined to watch longer content.


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