Rental Boost

Are you still advertising for tenants the hard way? Rental Boost is an innovative digital advertising product that helps landlords and property managers attract the right tenants and reduce time on market. Rental Boost enables tenants to Book into Inspections straight from Social channels.

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Unique Approach

Unique advertising option for Landlords who wish to add additional advertising to lease the property or replace conventional channels.

Lease your property faster

Enable tenants to Book into your open homes directly from Social channels. Lower your vacancy rates and find tenants sooner with a more efficient source of enquiries.

Precise, automated targeting

Rental Boost matches your investment property to ideal in-the-market tenants. Our precise “tenant match” capabilities provide a strong marketing channel for your rental listings.

Unique Approach to leasing properties

Stay ahead of the game with the digital innovation

Facebook and Instagram have over 9.6 million active users within 18-39 years of age in Australia. This is a great audience to match your investment property with people looking to rent.

Rental Boost uses advanced digital technology to attract the right tenants to your property. Our marketing solution makes your property attract highest quality tenants by using industry-leading targeting to people using social media platforms.

  • Key Features
  • Proven to increase number of tenant enquiries
  • Personalised Adverts
  • Brand Building

Lease your property faster

Unlock the value of your leads and put your data to work with tailored social media campaigns.

The targeted advertisement is placed in front of people looking to rent a property in your area.

Booking inspections is seamless and easy, and designed to deliver the right enquiries. Prospective tenants can book an inspection straight from their desktop or mobile device in just 2-clicks.

  • Key Features
  • Allow tenants to book straight into inspections
  • Find only the highest quality tenant
  • Grow your number of enquiries

Precise, automated targeting

Find the RIGHT tenant FASTER

Rental Boost matches your investment property to ideal tenants. Our industry-leading digital marketing technology will help your property reach an audience of in-the-market tenants based on location, age, household size, occupation, affluence, key interests etc. This precise targeting attracts the highest quality tenants to your property.

  • Key Features
  • Unique data-pool of in-the-market tenants
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Precise Audience Segments

See Your Results

Get high quality insights and reports about your social media campaigns

You'll be kept informed throughout the campaign and will be provided a detailed report at the end of your campaign. This will detail precise information about how well your campaign is connecting with your audience, how many conversions it's achieving and how much return on investment it’s generating.

  • Key Features
  • Complex Insights
  • Quality Performance Data
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

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