Office/Agent Marketing Campaigns

Make sure your Agent/Office Brand is front of mind when in your local area market. With our Smart digital Campaigns we can help you do this across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in

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Brand Awareness

Grow your brand with unique content focused on engaging with local home owners.


Establish your brand as the trusted source of information and share recent results achieved in the local market.

Generate Appraisals

Provide value to local homeowners who have engaged throughout the campaign. Qualify leads through to the Appraisal meeting.

Digital Account Manager

Plezzel Digital Account Manager will be available for campaign updates.


Regular campaign reporting outlining performance and progress to date.

Digital Channels

Campaigns can be advertised across Facebook, Instagram and Google. Other channels can be included as required.

Appraisal Opportunities

70% of buyers have a home to sell, they just did not tell you. Plezzel Platform automatically identifies people ready to list or sell their home.

Avoid paying online companies thousands of dollars for Appraisal leads when they are sitting right there in your database.

Plezzel Digital Platform identifies Vendor opportunities 'round the clock'. Every click to your website, every enquiry and every record in your existing database is matched into your own digital audience. The Plezzel Platform creates a data asset that powers your digital campaign to drive more appraisals.

  • Key Features
  • Segmented HomeOwner Audience
  • Appraisal Lead Generation

Integrated Digital Campaigns

The Plezzel Digital Marketing team is your “digital partner” in growing your brand and success. Our Marketing packages combine your cultivated digital assets with engaging “on brand” content that is targeted to the right person, at the right time.

All Digital marketing campaigns leverage your digital audiences created. This allows you to leverage hard work already done enabling you to nurture valuable leads at a lower cost.

We focus on speed-to-market, avoiding downtime in setting up your campaign, getting it live and streamlining the review/approvals process. Standardised packages provide greater transparency and easy ordering for Agent/Office.

  • Key Features
  • Less time spent for the Agent/Office
  • Leverage your Digital Audience to drive Appraisals
  • Standard Digital Campaign packages that work!

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CASE STUDY: Office Brand Awareness and Nurturing

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