Office/Agent Marketing Campaigns

Make sure your Agent/Office Brand is front of mind when in your local area market. With our Smart digital Campaigns, we can help you do this across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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Appraisal Opportunities

Want more appraisal opportunities without using the standard Real Estate portals?

The Plezzel Appraisal Lead Generation Campaign includes Google Display, Youtube, Facebook/Instagram lead and traffic generation built-in to one product to help you get more appraisal opportunities in 2022.

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What makes us different

We will build a campaign that aligns with your style guide and generates appraisal opportunities for you based on expert digital strategies and integration to your CRM.

With the Plezzel Digital platform growing your digital audiences, targeting prospective vendors with advanced technology is included in every post getting you closer to your next listing. We use our SMART digital segmentation tools and digital Audience Creation to help you create and grow your own data ecosystem, so you don’t have to rely on other portals to find future vendors and buyers.

  • Key Features
  • Less time spent for the Agent/Office
  • Leverage your Digital Audience to drive Appraisals
  • Standard Digital Campaign packages that work!

Lead Generation Campaigns with Plezzel

Ultimately lead generation campaigns with Plezzel serve to find Prospects using Specific Targeting from your audience creation for your future Appraisals when doing Agent Marketing and Buyers for Vendors when doing Property Marketing.

CASE STUDY: OBrien Real Estate Grow Their Brand With Smart Digital Marketing Strategies

Plezzel’s 6-month smart digital marketing campaign helped OBrien Real Estate group increase brand awareness and generate more website traffic and appraisal leads to support their...

CASE STUDY: Office Brand Awareness and Nurturing

Our digital platform has created a smart, effective brand awareness and lead generation campaign for the team at Belle Property Caulfield.

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Digital Strategies to Get More Appraisals in 2022