Smart Appraisal Lead Generator

Generate your next vendor and investor appraisal lead with our smart digital tools and real estate digital expertise.

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The Plezzel Digital Platform captures all client enquiries from major real estate portals. The platform segments VENDOR and INVESTOR leads using our Smart Appraisal Lead Generator.

  • Key Features
  • Tag as a priority in your CRM
  • Creates a priority call list
  • Targeted Digital Ads with your Agent Brand
  • Automated Appraisal Request Emails

Promote On Multiple Channels

Are you looking to dominate your local market? Plezzel drives conversions across multiple digital channels. This includes automated nurturing through Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Our smart tools allow you to have personalised interactions with contacts at scale.

SMART Appraisal Growth

With over 50% of your buyers having a home to sell, your brand is on display. How you manage your buyer experience with high touch service is linked to your future listings growth.
Our intuitive lead nurturing generates ‘always on’ opportunities from your enquiry. Never lose a lead and get more return on investment from your enquiries. We help offices grow their Gross Commission Income (GCI) at scale.

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