Plezzel Platform

The Plezzel Platform creates an ecosystem for growth and it truly sets us apart from the competition. The platform grows your business across Residential (Sales, Property Management), Commercial and Project Marketing.

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Real Time Lead Capture

Widest lead capture in the Industry! Your Website, Real Estate Portals, Social Media, Open Homes integrated with your CRM.

Enquiry Response Emails

Personalised response with property and agent information. Easily customised with relevant property information for your clients.

Vendor Reporting

Transparent reporting for all lead sources into one easy to read report for your vendor

Director/Agent Reporting

Instant dashboard reporting and weekly updates of all listings across your portfolio in one easy to read report. Making your marketing insights better than your competition.

Appraisal Opportunities

With a large volume of enquiries received by the office daily, the platform automatically identifies potential Landlords and Home Owners considering selling. Generating your next Appraisal.

Easy Automated Social Ads

Keep the buyer engaged throughout their property search with smart campaign updates such as Just listed, Open Home, Auction Reminder and Just Sold Campaigns.

Incredible Digital Journeys For Real Estate testing update

Consistent nurturing of your clients regardless of which channel they enquired from, or which department. The ability to have brand consistency in service and engagement enables your business to scale and grow.

A typical "buyer journey" lasts 3-6 months, from initial enquiry to purchasing the property. These buyers have now automatically switched to Home Owners and will become a long term client. Nurturing and keeping in touch is key.

Lifecycle Events occur daily in your local market. What if they are looking to invest? What if they are looking to move to a larger home? Or in future downsize? If you do not nurture your clients all these lifecycle events occur without you knowing. Having the time to nurture is key and the Plezzel platform provides this to you so you can be top of mind of mind when it matters.

  • Key Features
  • Always on nurturing for your Agents
  • Time Savings for your team
  • Surfaces Appraisal Opportunities


Proven Marketing Technology Delivers for "The Block"

Proven marketing technology delivers for The Block. Our digital marketing technology solution delivered for hockingstuart with Tess and Luke from The Block winning season 2019...

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