Real Time Lead Capture

Grow your database with all leads from all online channels entered into your CRM. Real time enquiry reporting and analytics.

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Your Website

Ability to integrate your website for enquiry response and real time lead upload into your CRM.

Real Estate Portals

In-built integration to capture leads from all major portals and 20+ advertising websites.

Social Media

Automated lead integration on Facebook and Instagram with automated enquiry response and lead upload into your CRM.

Time Savings

Real-Time lead upload into your CRM saves hours a day in data entry for your staff and reduces admin.

Powerful Data Asset

The Plezzel Platform captures all leads from all advertising channels creating a powerful 'always on' growing database asset.

Lead Analytics

The Plezzel Platform includes a real-time analytics dashboard. Evaluate marketing spend across your advertising channels.

Vendor Reporting

Consolidated enquiry reporting for your Vendor in a simple, easy to read format.

Access the instant analytics dashboard for real time insights for your vendor campaign. Reporting updates are provided regularly outlining campaign performance across all advertising channels.

  • Key Features
  • Real Time analytics dashboard
  • Automated Reports consolidating all campaign enquiries

Director/Agent Reporting

Weekly Reporting on all your listings, so you can see what marketing strategies are working best, improving both yours and your Vendor's ROI on marketing budget.

Directors know how many clients have engaged throughout all property marketing campaign/s. Reporting covers all departments Residential Sales, Property Management, Commercial and Project Marketing backed by an instant analytics dashboard.

Reporting allows you to use your advertising spend to extract maximum brand value. Your future brand value is predicated on how you market today. Our deep lead analytics allows you to go beyond the click and allows you to know your Cost per lead from each channel.

  • Key Features
  • Save time manually consolidating Real Estate portal reports
  • Mobile Friendly Weekly Reporting update
  • Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Online Channels

Plezzel captures enquiries from a range of online channels including your website. The platform integrates with Facebook, Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. People who have enquired online or walk-in at open homes are recorded and uploaded in your CRM through our mobile app.

  • Your Website

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