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Digital Ads done right with scalable, automated solutions to help you create hyper-targeted data-smart campaigns on the channels your customers use every day.

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Win More Listings

Offer your vendors more than your competition. Stand out and get the competitive edge you need to win more listings.

Grow Your Brand

All campaigns are posted through your social profiles (not the portals) with a strong focus on agency branding, as well as agent promotion.

Reach in-the-market buyers

Stop wasting your marketing budget. Get your property in front of a unique audience of in-the-market buyers who are suited to your property.

What our Clients are Saying

Lauchlan Waterfield - Hockingstuart Armadale

Over the last 6 months my colleagues and I have been working with Greg and his team at Plezzel. I had tested 2 other companies also but found Plezzel’s service, responsiveness, reach and reporting to be far better than their competitors. All of my clients I sell for use Social Media as a critical part of their marketing campaign and Plezzel offer a very targeted system to reach qualified potential buyers through various social media platforms.

Plezzel’s data in collaboration with our office is constantly evolving and improving and now only 6 months in our results a 4x stronger than the first ad we placed.

My colleagues and I look forward to our continuing our partnership with Plezzel and would encourage any business to contact Greg to discuss what his team can do for you and your clients.

Make Your Data Work Harder!

Unlock the value of your leads and put your data to work with tailored social media campaigns.

Get more out of your data and create better customer experiences by targeting your digital advertisements and delivering relevant messages to segmented, unique audiences.

  • Key Features
  • Database Leads
  • Integration
  • Segmented Data

Find the Right Audience

Stop wasting your marketing budget and get your property in front of the right in-the-market buyers.

Optimise your social media campaigns with a marketing strategy that targets precise audience segments using our own exclusive data sets as well as data from Facebook and Instagram.

  • Key Features
  • Precise Targeting
  • Unique Audience Segments
  • Complex Insights

Deliver Branded Ads

Create personalised ads that send the perfect message and helps build your brand.

Put your branded ads in front of relevant, qualified buyers across all of your social media channels to better promote your agency and get the competitive edge you need.

  • Key Features
  • Personalised Social Ads
  • Perfect Messages
  • Brand Building

See Your Results

Get high quality insights and reports about your social media campaigns

Access precise information about how well your campaign is connecting with your audience, how many conversions it's achieving and how much return on investment it’s generating.

  • Key Features
  • Complex Insights
  • Quality Performance Data
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

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