Is Your Digital Strategy Ready for Spring Listings – Agent Preparation Guide

Digital Strategy Ready

Spring is typically the time of the year when the real estate market starts picking up. Is your agency ready to offer your vendors more than your competition? A strong digital strategy is essential for reaching the right prospects in the right places.

We’ve previously reinforced the importance of having measurable, hyper-targeted digital campaigns to ensure you reach the right people at the right time. Today, there are a variety of digital agencies who offer social media marketing services for real estate agents. They all vary in what they offer, so how do you know which one to go with?

Here are some important considerations:


How Easy is It to Use?
Ask how simple it is for your team to place a social ad order. A service provider who can efficiently launch and manage multiple effective social ads is essential. This is particularly true for high volume offices who are managing a lot of properties at once.


What is Their Targeting Strategy?
Some service providers use a broader promotional approach while others focus on hyper-targeting their social ads based on demographics, location, interests and more. The difference this has is huge.

Ensure you get a solution that puts your listings in front of the right people and gets interested people clicking through to your site rather than one that just gets you a lot of views.


What is Their Reporting Capability?
You need a solution that allows you to report back to your vendors with ease so you can keep them in the loop with quality data throughout the campaign.


What Kind of Marketing Collateral Do They Offer?
What kind of marketing collateral is provided to support you when promoting property and how detailed is it? For example, do they provide brochures or dedicated web pages branded to your agency?


Where is the Traffic Directed?
What happens when a user clicks on your social ad? Some service providers, such as those provided by real estate portals, direct your traffic back to their website. However, other solutions such as those offered by Plezzel direct all traffic back to your website.


Plezzel Can Help Your Agency
At Plezzel, we use a combination of data that our platform captures for your office plus using the Facebook pixel on your website. This enables us to create hyper-targeted social ads that reach people who are in-the-market buyers and match the demographics that makes them well suited for the property you are promoting.

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