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Real estate directors are wondering how to best market their business over the COVID-19 period. Afterall, consumer behaviours and expectations have drastically changed. Your marketing strategy must reflect this in order to use your budget effectively and produce results. Below we look at the best strategy to cut through and remain relevant during these uncertain times. 


An Increase in Digital Activity

People are seeking more connection, with a 70% increase in video calls and group calls. People are also seeking more information online with a 36% increase in Australians browsing the web for content. Facebook and Instagram use has also increased by 20%.

With an increase in usage of digital channels over the last month and a further decline in print media use, now is the time to grow your digital presence. Don’t make the mistake of pulling back on marketing activities like advertising and EDM’s. This crisis will pass and those that nurture their customers throughout the period will come out stronger on the other side. 


Finding the Right Strategy

Using these channels effectively requires a focused strategy. This means creating quality content that will genuinely engage your prospects, helping to grow your brand. With a potential market recovery by spring, now’s the time to nurture customers so you can generate leads when buyers and vendors are ready to re-enter the market. 

Focus your marketing on your brand (i.e. your website and social channels) if listings volumes are still low. Target your prospects where they spend the most time – Facebook and Instagram. Offer value such as social articles and talk pieces for the local market. 


Establish a Caring and Positive Voice

Avoid aggressive marketing tactics during this period. People are looking to trusted brands to help them feel safer and secure during these challenging times. 

Empathetic marketing techniques help you achieve this. For example, statements such as “how we can help”. Regular communication and extended support can help offset feelings of uncertainty and negativity. 


Plezzel Can Help Your Customers Stay Engaged

We can help you deliver the right message to your customers on a regular basis without it being time consuming. Using our digital technologies, you can: 

  • Automate customer journeys with branded, customised emails
  • Utilise intelligent AI-driven processes to generate leads
  • Reach more people with targeted, automated advertising

With the right marketing and technology, you can efficiently build your pipeline in time for spring and leverage every opportunity to capture prospects during this period.

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