Talking Digital in the “Lounge Room”

Agents are often unsure how to confidently explain the benefits of digital advertising to vendors looking to sell their property. Since most vendors tend to be older, it’s common for them to be less informed about the prominence of social media usage. Some make the point that most buyers are also older and might not be on social media themselves. 

However, it’s important to point out that the fastest growing segment on Facebook is people aged over 50. Research indicates close to 50% of baby boomers use social media. Meanwhile 90.5% of millennials and 77.5% of gen Xers are on social media. Digital campaigns should focus on whether the ideal buyer is a social media user. With these numbers, it’s incredibly likely. 


Pinpointing the Demographics of Buyers

Many older vendors are also unaware of just how powerful digital marketing tools are when it comes to targeting the right potential buyers. Getting a vendor to see the value of a digital campaign involves explaining how you can pinpoint the key buyer demographics such as age, affluence, where they live and whether they are a first home buyer, upgrader or downsizer. 

Develop a strategy with the vendor to determine the ideal buyer segment and how to best reach them. The next step is to determine exactly what the digital strategy is seeking to achieve. The most common measurable goals are to generate traffic or leads. 


Generating Traffic

Generating quality traffic in a digital campaign is about maximising reach with the target audience. The best approach is to deliver unique, creative content that encourages potential buyers to click through to the property page. Once there, they can see more information on the property, view the gallery, floorplans, size and research the address. 

Buyers who are interested can then contact the agent or make an enquiry via the website. Traffic campaigns qualify potential buyers by allowing them to view and engage with content. 


Lead Generation

The key to generating more leads is to make it easy for potential buyers to make an enquiry. For example, Plezzel has integrated the ability for buyers to enquire via Facebook and Instagram, fast tracking the buyer journey. 

Lead generation campaigns add a new channel into your enquiry sources, providing a convenient and intuitive experience that mitigates for someone to fill in all their details into a form. Instead, it’s automatically done for them! The Plezzel digital platform can provide an enquiry response, upload the lead into the CRM and let the agent know of a buyer enquiry. 


Consider Budget and ROI

A strategic digital campaign should be cognisant of other factors such as budget. For example, maximising the effectiveness of a digital campaign by reallocating their spending from other avenues (e.g print advertising). 

Other factors to consider when approaching a digital strategy include location, time of year and recent case studies that may be relevant to the campaign. By being armed with the facts you can engage with your vendor from a position of confidence and reassure them that you know what works best for the local area.


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By – Sales Manager

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