Tom Hoogstra


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Web Developer


With five-star software engineering skills, Tom brings buckets of enthusiasm to Plezzel’s support team, as well as oodles of technical expertise in several programming languages that we’re determined to tap into in the near future.

To say we were pretty impressed with his notable projects, which included creating an entire custom Minecraft game mode enjoyed by over 30,000 unique players, is an understatement. We were awe-struck! We were also excited to learn about his university internship that saw him collaborate with students from different areas to create an easy-to-learn program for the elderly to pay their bills online. Top marks Tom!

Then we discovered he’s a pretty decent guy outside of work too, volunteering his weekends to encourage habitat creation by planting new trees at the You Yangs and preserving endangered wildlife. Phew! That’s what we call one virtuous fella!

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