The Rise of a Digital Partner


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No matter what business you are in today, tomorrow is sure going to be different. Businesses are transforming to continually improve process and services for competitive advantage. How are business large and small doing this?


Innovation is key

Business owners know their business well. As per Porter’s competitive forces model successful business owners know their Customers, Suppliers, Competitors and new market entrants.



How do business owners keep ahead of competitive threats? Innovation is key.


How are businesses innovating?


Business innovation is delivered via digital channels. Regardless of industry, innovation is large implemented using digital platforms, process and product. The cost to implement is invariably cheaper, its fast and results can be measured from day 1.  But how can business implement digital innovations when they “have a business to run”?


Enter the digital partner

Just as businesses engage with Accountants, Lawyers and Human Resources a digital partner that understands their industry, challenges and opportunities is an asset for the business. The digital partner can execute the “business idea” and enable the business to capitalise on the business opportunity.


This may include faster fulfilment of a new product/service, increased brand awareness or lead generation. We note that even businesses in the same industry will prioritise different features and digital innovations based on their business lifecycle and speciality strengths.


Finding “the right” Digital Partner

Business owners will seek people at the top of their speciality. They must work as a team and not be reliant on key person risk. It goes without saying the Digital Partner team must have great communication skills, they must possess extensive experience over the last 10-20 years and have a proven track record in delivering digital campaigns.


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