Time Spent Consuming Media


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Time Spent Consuming Media

The rate at which Australians use the internet has continued to soar, according to a new chart on media consumption using data from Roy Morgan Research. The chart shows the average minutes spent per Australian consuming different types of media content in a week and how that’s changed over the past decade.


Time Spent on Consumption of Media


The internet has started from the bottom in 2004 and has steadily overtaken all other media types including television, radio, newspapers and magazines. While consumption of other forms of media continue to fall gradually, only radio and internet usage have experienced a rise.


Unsurprising Shift to Digital

It’s difficult to be surprised at the rates of internet usage, which has consistently been demonstrated to be significant and rising. Hootsuite’s 2018 Global Digital Report found that Australia has some of the highest penetration numbers in the world.

This includes 88 per cent of the population using the internet and 69 per cent being active social media users. Australians now spend around 5 hours and 34 minutes on the internet every day, up 15 minutes from last year. 1 hour and 39 minutes of that time is spent on social media.

Facebook is still the social media platform that reigns supreme. Despite some skeptics claiming the social media giant is on it’s way out, usage still grew by 6 per cent over the last year. Keeping in touch with other people is a key behaviour for Australian internet users and Facebook remains the app of choice for this activity.


What This Means For Your Advertising Strategy

With internet usage continuing to soar and time spent reading newspapers and magazines, and watching television continuing to decline, it’s clear where the future lies. Are you putting enough of your marketing budget into advertising online?

With internet consumption rates as significant as they are among Australians, the potential to reach and engage your prospects while they spend time online is massive. If you aren’t already investing in targeted advertising on Facebook as well as other online strategies such as Google Adwords, there’s no time to wait.

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