Tips to Improve Your SEO

SEO Friendly

Understanding how to make your website SEO friendly has a significant impact on how effectively you reach prospects and whether you are organically listed near the top of Google search rankings. SEO is about increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Quality traffic is about attracting visitors who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If you’re attracting large amounts of visitors but your services aren’t relevant to them, that’s not good. For example, they visit your agency’s website that sells property in Melbourne but they want property in Perth.


Importance of SEO

Search engines gather information about all the content they find on the internet. They build an index with this information which is fed through an algorithm that matches the data with searches.

SEO is about tidying and enriching all content related to your brand/domain. This helps search engines understand what they’re seeing and whether users who arrive via search engines like what they see. This is essential for being competitive online, especially for agencies who are up against corporate giants.


Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Social media is one of the most effective ways of reaching the right audiences and driving traffic to your website organically, thereby improving your search engine rankings. You can use the powerful targeting tools of Facebook to reach precise audiences based on demographics like location, age, sex, interests and more.

Those Facebook ads can then direct traffic to your website, which should be optimised to provide a quality user experience (easy to navigate, loads quickly, works well on different devices) and is full of relevant and useful content. A low bounce rate is a sign your web visitors are finding what they are looking for.


Retargeting Existing Audiences

An essential step to any social media campaign focused on improving your SEO is retargeting. This involves generating interest based on a user’s past interaction with your brand, such as viewing properties on your website. With retargeting, banner ads are shown to users who have visited your website previously. This increases the chance of a repeat visit, enquiry and transaction.

Retargeting is important because a prospect often needs to be reached multiple times before they take action. Retargeting generates continued traffic to your site and ensures your brand is kept in mind when a prospective client is ready to make a decision.


SEO Strategy & Governance

There are many more SEO based processes and tips your business can include into day to day activities. This requires drive from the top down in terms of governance and even how technology and digital suppliers you engage interact with and manage your brand online. For example cases where traffic is sent to a 3rd party website when equivalent content is on your own website is a breach of SEO governance.

By thinking SEO and treating your website as the centrepiece of your own digital strategy the business will naturally improve SEO results over time.


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