Ultimate Rent Roll Growth

Rent Roll Growth

There is a consistent problem in the real estate industry when it comes to communication between the sales team and the property management team. Sales agents are understandably focused on selling their property and sometimes miss the opportunity to ask important questions that could lead to rent roll growth.

For example, they should ask each prospective buyer whether they are purchasing as an owner occupier or an investor. The main lead that the sales team sends through to the BDM is when the purchaser indicates they are an investor while signing contracts. But what about all the other prospective buyers who enquired throughout the campaign?


Never Lose a Lead

Letting leads slip through the cracks is a common problem for real estate offices. As your agency grows, your team can find themselves in a position where the volume of enquiries is too high to effectively capture and segment the data. Knowing where your enquirers are in their real estate journey is essential to streamlining and maximising the impact of your future marketing efforts.

Rather than focusing entirely on the buyer who purchases the property, consider the many other prospective buyers who have enquired and will be interested in looking at similar properties. You can target these prospective buyers on social media and as they surf the web with ads that promote properties with similar attributes and/or in a similar location to the one they enquired about.


Start the Relationship From the First Enquiry

As soon as a prospective buyer gets in touch, it’s the best time to begin forming a trusting relationship with them. This ensures you are first in mind when they sign contracts for their new investment or look for other properties.

Only one lead will buy the property. The buyer may not purchase through your agency, but they will be buying an investment. Nurturing all of the buyer investor leads that come into your office during the sales campaign maximises your chances of rent roll growth.


Segmenting Your Leads

At Plezzel, we offer a BDM module in our platform that is the ultimate digital communication tool between departments to ensure no lead is missed. All leads in one place in real time, segmented into a BDM list for you.

With an automatically segmented database, we can help your agency build powerful digital marketing campaigns that nurture these leads through the promotion of insightful content and relevant listings.


To find out how our platform can help you better nurture leads, get in touch with our team today!

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