Why you should be spreading your marketing across more than one digital channel right now


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How do you spend a typical evening?

If you’re like most Australians, you spent it on the couch with multiple screens – TV, mobile, tablet, laptop. A Google survey in 2017 found that Australians have an average of four devices connected per person and that 50% of users are using three screens to access the Internet.

With Australians spending over 5 hours per day using the Internet, the proliferation of apps and devices is a significant driver behind smart marketers spreading their marketing dollars across multiple channels. In marketing-speak, this is called OmniChannel marketing.

OmniChannel marketing is merely using multiple touchpoints or media to create a unified, consistent, and compelling message regardless of the channel.

Is OmniChannel just multiple channels?

No. While many businesses may use multiple channels, very few offer a unified experience that personalises the message to the prospect.

Real estate marketing is evolving

In the past 20 years, real estate marketing has changed from a single channel approach focused on print, to a multi-channel approach involving real estate portals like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, print, and increasingly digital advertising using Facebook.

With today’s consumers being multi-screen and multi-platform, real estate marketing is now entering a new phase that takes into account consumer behaviour and uses personalised digital advertising, email, websites, and voice.

Think about the typical customer journey when looking for a property.

It isn’t a straight line from interest to enquiry to inspection to purchase. There are multiple touchpoints which need a strategic approach to ensure a consistent and unified message.

What does an excellent omnichannel marketing strategy look like?

The Plezzel Omnichannel journey for propertyRelevant presence in search

93% of every online experience in Australia begins with a search engine, and it would be no surprise to know that over 90% of those use Google. Making Search a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy helps your property listings be found online above the property portals. Not only can this save your marketing dollars, but it also helps you own the brand experience.

An excellent search strategy includes Google Business listings, display ad retargeting, optimised property listing pages, and great content on your website.

Search is used to reach, act, and engage in the Plezzel OmniChannel Customer Journey Model.

Personalised on-brand email

With 21 million active Internet users, each having email addresses, email is still the foundation of an omnichannel journey. Good inbound and outbound emails deliver useful information about your properties and business, allow communicating your brand values and remarket to your database.

Email is used to reach, act, and engage in the Plezzel OmniChannel Customer Journey Model.

Targeted social advertising

With the incredible volume of Australians using social media every day, Facebook and Instagram are an essential part of an omnichannel strategy. A social advertising strategy can laser-target the right buyers with compelling messages using images and video.

Social ads are used to reach and act in the Plezzel OmniChannel Customer Journey Model.

Up to date Facebook pages

With over 16 million monthly active users in Australia, Facebook is an essential part of an excellent omnichannel marketing strategy. Your approach should include a Facebook page for branding and credibility purposes with regular posts 2 to 3 times a week showing off your team, your property listings, your success stories, and your knowledge of your community. A great Facebook page with up to date relevant content can help drive traffic to your website.

Facebook pages are used to reach and act in the Plezzel OmniChannel Customer Journey Model.

At the Open Home

In real estate, open homes are a vital marketing channel. They offer an agent the opportunity to discover the needs of each prospect and show off the property.  Good agents collect their prospects information and store it in their CRM, which means that prospect can be remarketed to with email, social ads, and of course, voice.

The open home is used to convert in the Plezzel OmniChannel Customer Journey Model.

The opportunity

Spreading your marketing budget over multiple helps you be more relevant by showing messages and content on the channels used by your customer. This protects your brand from being annoying and spammy, which is good for your brand.

More importantly, this is good for your customers and good for your bottom line.

If you want to explore how a true OmniChannel strategy can help save you money, contact our team.

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